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Griffin's New View

This is Griffin just 3 weeks after we picked him up from Downtown Dog Daycare

Tawana Couch, local and "famous" dog rescuer whose area of expertise is Oak Cliff - may end up single-handedly saving every dog there at the rate she is going and we are so proud to know her and to help if we can!


I could send a story every few days - many would touch your hearts, but some are sooo much more incredible I cannot believe I am even a part of it. Our vets aged Griffin at about 10 months upon rescue.

Above is Griffin after going through 5 foster homes and a boarding facility - he has never gotten to settle in and find his "role" amongst too many other dogs and he has tended to bully some weaker dogs, but when he is with only a couple of other dogs he is loving, sweet, loyal and smart.

Tawana doesn't "cheat" in rescue - she saves dogs that nobody wants. I expound on this by saying DASH saves dogs many people want and we are not heroic; even our sickest and most injured dogs are considered "desirable." I read Tawana's book, and many of the dogs she saves truly begin as the dogs nobody wants. I say this with admiration and some envy - I am not that strong.

Above is "Griffin" the day Tawana rescued him from Oak Cliff streets, as she tells it:

I named this story "Griffin's New View" because it will end with the actual view Griffin will have from his new windows in his new home - it begins with his view of the streets of Oak Cliff -- DON'T SKIP IT; this is a HAPPY story!

 I named him as I was driving him from being rescued -- I looked at a traffic sign that said Griffin and I thought this would be his name. His story was that I had seen him eating garbage on the side of the road. The road was too busy to stop then. I saw him a few days later on a street but it was dark and in a bad neighborhood so I could not get him then either. Then a few days later I finally saw him by a church and it was dark and he was so hungry I was able to grab him and put him in my TWO SEATER CAR. Yes, that big dog rode with mange next to me to the vet.

And for the Grand Finale -


As far as we know, Griffin's story began in Oak Cliff - despite its having a few beautiful, affluent neighborhoods this area of Dallas is known as more of a "ghetto" and impoverished place for people and animals with starvation, homelessness, gang violence and destitution. I apologize if this sounds insulting, I am trying to convey the area for those who do not live here.

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