- K9 Obedience and Behavior Academy  (all age dogs with family members)

  Family members will be given a training binder that outlines the individualized training plan for their new family member. Each dog will be required to perform specific tasks prior to “Graduating” the Academy.

  Training will be done in a public setting with family members and our trainers. Classes will be limited to 10 dogs at a time to ensure the session is effective. Each session is 2 hours in length.

  Each new family will go through the “New Beginnings” course that helps them understand how their new family member learns and communicates. Training Sessions will include the following:
- Socialization          - Advanced Obedience
- Obedience              - Trick Training
- Agility                    - Behavior Modification (as needed)

  The Academy is task-oriented and individualized for your pet. The length of time your pet is enrolled in the Academy depends on how well your pet progresses and responds to training.  Some families earn their “Diploma” in 6-8 weeks, others take a little longer.  Some families may chose to continue training after the diploma is earned because of the quality time spent.

*TxK9Commanders can offer at a discounted rate any training equipment that will be needed for your pet.  (Leashes, Collars, Rewards, etc.)*

Fees for each program are as follows:
Puppy Seminar -  $100
K9 Obedience and Behavior Academy-  $50 Registration Fee / $30 Session


Chris Vasquez - Lead Trainer



or check out his website here for more contact information!

Finding Forever Families for Aussome Aussies

- In Home Puppy Seminar  (puppies 8-20 weeks only) 
 Trainer will come to your home to discuss and demonstrate the following topics:
 - Potty Training          - Teething
 - Puppy Obedience     - Daily Schedule for the puppy

*Puppy Seminar is approximately 2 hours in length.*

Training Options for Your Pet

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