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What makes DASH so Aussome?

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From the time Benji got to his first foster home he appeared to be an easily adoptable dog, but we rotated him just to be sure he did well with kids and other dogs ​- HE WAS GREAT! The problem was Benji was not so happy when he began to have adoption meetings. It seemed like no matter who we chose he did not behave well at meetings. Everyone at DASH imagined the perfect owner for Benji: A single guy, an Alpha but also patient and compassionate with Aussie experience to build Benji’s confidence.

The next morning there appeared in the application mailbox the guy we all had wished for; a friendly and excited young man named Lucas – who had read about what Benji really needed. From the minute they met it was best friends for life. Every week, we received updates on how they were doing, with Benji improving each day.

Then last week Lucas called the former foster with terrible news – not about Benji; Benji was great. But Lucas, who had been in remission three years from brain cancer had just found out he had a large tumor and needed to return to his home in Europe for treatment. Lucas seemed sure he would be fine in 6-8 weeks, so of course in both sadness and shock we agreed to hold Benji.

The problem was Benji absolutely needed to continue living in a stable home with 1:1 Attention and competent training. The greatest blessing was finding a tried and true former adopter, trainer and friend who had spent years working with dogs like Benji. He even rearranged his schedule to fit Benji in immediately, and not only agreed to charge us half price for the first 3 weeks, he said if all went well he would foster Benji for free until Lucas returned.

As we write in the “spoiler,” we now know Lucas won’t be back – and we used our rent money to secure Benji’s training POSITIVE people would help us raise this money. PLEASE, please donate on www.dashdog.org. This little guy deserves another shot at a great forever home, and we do not want Lucas or his family worrying while we cannot afford this LIFE INVESTMENT without your help!

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“Giving Tuesday” means more now
than any other year,
As COVID’s toll on all our lives
brings misery and fear.

Lost jobs, and homes,
and at the worst, the lives of those we love.
Yet still we hear a calling
and feel a need to rise above.

At DASH we’ve stayed “All-In” to help
with shelter dogs & strays -
Rescue is essential, so we’ve stayed open...
through these 240 days.  

We hope you’ll find it in your hearts
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By helping DASH stay OPEN
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This hard-to-place dog finally found the perfect adopter…until the new owner was stricken with a brain tumor. There is no “good” ending to this story yet, but despite the believe Lucas would be back in 6-8 weeks we have now learned he won’t be returning to Dallas at all. He needs brain surgery, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP BENJI IN THE 1:1 Board and Train home until we feel he is ready to look for a “new forever.”  You can read his story below but please, donate on www.dashdog.org!

BENJI is a lovable Aussie Mix who we saved from a shelter that can euthanize dogs surrendered by their families. Poor BENJI who had been a very happy, loving family pet, was brought to shelter because his family lost their home.


As of summer 2019, DASH Dog Rescue will enter its 10th year of operation. We are ecstatic about our success so far and only plan to save even more lives this year!

Our mission continues: to rescue abandoned Australian Shepherds and other similar herding dogs

and match them with loving families and

permanent homes in Dallas, North Texas and beyond.

What makes DASH Dog Rescue so different

than most other "breed-specific rescues" in Texas?

We want to make rescue possible, not prohibitive.

This means you will hear from one of our fosters within 24 hours,

and we will review your application while looking for reasons

to try and match you with one of our dogs instead

of looking for reasons to turn you away.

We have Aussies for every person,

and we know there are people for every Aussie.

No matter how long it takes, DASH fosters are willing to work

with you and you family until we find the Aussie or Aussie mix

that is the perfect match for you and your family.